Ninjala open beta closes for emergency maintenance in first hour

So many ninjas, so little server space.

Image via Nintendo

Update 4pm CT: After going live again, Ninjala quickly went back into emergency maintenance.

The upcoming Nintendo Switch game, Ninjala, is gaining traction. Not set to release until the end of May, today was supposed to treat excited players to a free demo of the game in a limited event. Within an hour, though, the game crumpled with the weight of players attempting to join, forcing the game into emergency maintenance. 

PlayNinjala on Twitter

Notice: Emergency Maintenance Emergency server maintenance will be carried out at the date and time below. Apr. 28, 2020, 12:30 (PDT) ~ TBD We apologize to all Ninjala users for the inconvenience,

The Ninjala official Twitter announced the maintenance, starting at 12:30pm (PDT). After about 45 minutes, the maintenance concluded. The developers also extended the playtest’s time due to the unexpected hitch.

PlayNinjala on Twitter

Notice: Session 1 Extension Due to the emergency maintenance, the first session of Open Beta test will extend for another hour from Apr. 28, 2020, 12:00PM ~ Apr. 28, 2020, 2:00PM (PDT)

The emergency maintenance follows a series of issues caused by the sudden rush of players. It’s a common occurrence: the rapid increase of players all attempting to access the game at once breaks the server. Servers cannot handle the weight and force developers to act quickly to resolve the problems. Within moments of beginning, players were met with an error code caused by overpopulation

Ninjala is an upcoming Nintendo Switch game that launched into a 24-hour playtest demo. It’s a 4v4 brawler game with charming graphics, an unusual backstory featuring special bubble gum that grants players unique abilities and turns them into children. The visual design alone could make Ninjala a strong contender among its peers. Plus, it’s free to play, even on the Switch. No online subscription needed. 

With such popularity, we expect to see more of Ninjala in the future. The game releases in full on May 27, 2020.