Ninjala datamine hints at Sonic collaboration, Jala currency, story mode

A lot more to come in the future.

Ninjala dataminers have found evidence on more unexpected content coming to the multiplayer action game now available for Nintendo Switch.

According to the lines of code discovered by Twitter user OatmealDome, there seems to be a plan for the introduction of in-game currency, Jala, purchasable via microtransactions, and would be releasing alongside a Ninjala Pass.

Monetization plans would also include a Gumball Machine, a gacha mechanic that would provide players with “special items.”

OatmealDome on Twitter

Ninjala datamines? Ninjala datamines. There’s some in-game currency purchasable via microtransactions called “Jala” and a “Ninjala Pass”. There is a Gumball Machine (basically gacha) that gives you “special items”. (thx @LeanYoshi)

An unexpected Sonic collaboration would also be on its way, with “a sticker of the mad scientist Dr. Robotnik striking a victory pose” already mentioned throughout the files.

The full release of the game – planned for May 27 – would also be coming with a single-player story mode, which would allow you to “fend off the attacks of the invading space ninja.”

Users would be playing as Van, mentored by a character called Master Gramps. The story itself would be featured across “volumes,” and include four episodes each.

This content would be included in the final release of Ninjala, which currently is in a beta state where players have been able to join the party for free.

Currently, the game is a Nintendo Switch exclusive, and there are no plans to port it over other platforms.