Nintendo Switch Lite introduces “Coral” color variation

Releasing March 20.

Nintendo Switch Lite is adding a new color in Japan, as announced today by the platform owner in a press release.

The “Coral” color variation is coming to Japan on March 20, priced 19,980 yen, as revealed by Nintendo today. This new color joins already available models, “Turquoise,” “Gray,” and “Yellow,” which are instead available worldwide.

While pre-orders in Japan will be available starting March 7, we’ve yet to learn details about a possible Western release.

As it often happens when it comes to the Nintendo announcement, though, we can expect a Western reveal to arrive shortly.

On March 20, Nintendo will also be releasing a brand new base Nintendo Switch limited edition bundle dedicated to Animal Crossing.

The limited-edition package is set to feature a new color variation for the Switch, and a dock inspired to the New Horizons’ release on the same date.

The announcement of this new color is in contrast with reports that Nintendo might be suffering shortages in April due to the spreading of the Chinese coronavirus.

The Kyoto company has confirmed that the situation is being kept under observation but also that, at the time being, it doesn’t have clear signals of incoming shortages for the Western territories.