No Man’s Sky Expedition 3: Cartographers starts today

This event sees the community explore a single planet.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Hello Games has today published a new blog post announcing that the highly anticipated Expedition Three: Cartographers begins today in No Man’s Sky. Unlike the first and second Expeditions, this one sees the community delve into the exploration of a single toxic world.

No Man’s Sky Expedition Three: Cartographers drops all players onto the planet Gisto Major. It’s a toxic world that’s extremely hazardous to anyone unlucky enough to find themselves there. This time around, the Phases and Milestones all revolve around fixing up a bespoke starship that’s unlike anything else you’ll have ever used in the game.

This Expedition is a stark contrast to the past two, which have seen players travel vast distances across space, rendezvousing at strange worlds to complete obscure tasks and solve mysteries together. Expedition Three: Cartographers will be live for two months instead of two weeks, giving players plenty of time to complete every Milestone thrown at them and unlock whatever prize lies at the end of this Expedition.

In addition to the new Expedition starting today, Hello Games has revealed a fifth-anniversary t-shirt for No Man’s Sky for any fans who want to celebrate and wear their dedication to the game in the real world. The t-shirt is only available for a limited time, so you’ll need to buy it quickly if you want it.