How to start No Man’s Sky Expedition Three: Cartographers

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As part of the No Man’s Sky Expeditions Revisited update, Hello Games is rerunning all four of the Expeditions from No Man’s Sky in 2021. Expedition Three: Cartographers, will be live from December 22, 2021, to January 4, 2022. If you wish to complete the Expedition, you’ll need to do so between these dates.

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No Man’s Sky Frontiers added a brand new Expedition to the game: Cartographers. This is an exciting new community event for players to complete together while also using the new settlement features added into the game with its latest update. This guide covers how to start the third Expedition and get on your way as fast as possible.

How to start Expedition Three: Cartographers

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To start Expedition Three: Cartographers, you need to open No Man’s Sky and navigate to the single player menu. Select the new game option, and then you’ll be given a screen of various choices for that new game. The one you want to pick is Community Expedition.

Expedition Three: Cartographers is now live in No Man’s Sky, so you should be able to start the event from the single player menu. If you’re unable to, check for an update to the game, since Hello Games may have released one that contains all the files required to access the Expedition.

Expedition Three: Cartographers tasks players with repairing a highly complex bespoke ship on a single toxic planet. All players will be dumped onto this world together, which should make for a very interesting Expedition as more and more bases and settlements pop up during the two-month runtime.