No Man’s Sky Expedition 5: Exobiology is live now, offering limited edition rewards to players

The Expedition is live for the next five weeks.

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No Man’s Sky Expedition 5: Exobiology is now live for all players. The Expedition was announced with the release of the game’s Sentinel Update last week, but until now, it’s been unavailable or marked as “failed to download.”

This Expedition will be live for five weeks from today, allowing players to complete Milestones and Phases at their own pace. There will be four or five Phases to work through, each with around five Milestones to complete. These are tasks that relate to the rough storyline of the Expedition, but it’s the rewards they offer that players are most excited about.

Players can earn limited edition rewards in this Expedition, including the Reality Glitch Jetpack Trail, Exotic Companion Armor, Exotic Wingpack, and the Sentinel Quad Companion. There’s also a small collection of themed posters that players can display in their bases once they’ve unlocked them.

Expeditions are events in No Man’s Sky that task players with following a set path across the galaxy from the same planet through a series of rendezvous points. Players get rewards for each completed Phase and can claim those rewards from their standard save files once the Expeditions ends. When the Expedition is over, it won’t be playable again unless developer Hello Games decides to put it back up as part of a future Expeditions Revisited event.