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No Man’s Sky Sentinel Update adds a new Expedition, buildable mech, and more

Players can unlock a robot companion dog in the new Expedition.

Hello Games has announced a new update for No Man’s Sky, bringing a wealth of new features for players to explore, including new lore, active camouflage, RTX upgrades, and so much more. Alongside this update, the game’s next Expedition is getting underway too. This update is available to download immediately.

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The No Man’s Sky Sentinel Update focuses on bringing a reason for players to fight Sentinels to the game. This means that there will be much more fighting, which is why the Multi-Tool has been given an effects overhaul so that you can now see the differences in the weapons you use.

A new cloaking technology has been added, giving players an advantage over Sentinels because they can hide in plain sight. This works well with the new Sentinel Hardframe Mech, a heavily armored AI companion that can help you fight off enemies or traverse a planet in search of life. Of course, you could also blast Sentinels away with the range of new weapons that the update adds.

The full patch notes detail every change that’s come in this update. There’s plenty for players to do, particularly if they hate Sentinels, but there’s also a new Expedition to tackle. Expedition 5: Exobiology will launch later today, giving players even more to keep them occupied over the coming weeks.

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