No Man’s Sky Frontiers adds settlement founding, a new Expedition, monstrous pets, and more

Found your own town and help out the locals.


Image via Hello Games’ YouTube

Mere hours after Sean Murray posted on Twitter about how the team at Hello Games is working its socks off to get No Man’s Sky Frontiers out soon, the update is now live for all platforms. Frontiers is potentially the biggest update for No Man’s Sky to date, adding a plethora of new content for fans to explore.

Chief among the features Frontiers brings to No Man’s Sky is settlement founding. Players can find a settlement, become its overseer, and run it however they want. Of course, you’ll have to defend your settlement from Sentinels, help out the locals, and greet any newcomers that show up looking for a new home.

To help you make the best settlement possible, the base building UI has been completely overhauled to make it more dynamic and easy to use. There are also more than 250 new base building parts for you to play with. You can come across procedurally generate settlements out in the galaxy, and you’re able to found whichever one takes your fancy.

You can help settlements grow and even benefit from them as they produce resources for you. The whole system is built around rewarding the player for bringing order to a lawless space town. Something fans are already jumping for joy over. Your decisions will affect the entire settlement, so think about the potential outcomes.

It’s not all about base building, though. Fantastic nebulas have been added to the game, bringing a little more beauty to the horizon as you explore the edges of the galaxy. In addition, there are more save slots available now, so you can have a few permadeath files for when you’re feeling lucky, as well as some dedicated exploration or settlement files for a hardcore simulated playthrough.

The most exciting new addition outside of settlements is the third Expedition, which is now live and can be started from the main menu. In this Expedition, players will spend longer fixing up their unique ship on the starting world before heading out to complete each phase. The patch notes say that it has a very different feel to what fans will be used to. 

Finally, through this new Expedition, you can pick up a monstrous egg and tame one of the nastiest enemies on any world to be your companion. As with every Expedition, you can convert the save file to a normal save file once the Expedition is over.