No More Heroes 1 & 2 launch on PC June 9

Score a Touchdown next week.

With No More Heroes III on the horizon, many fans are wanting to play through the old games. The No More Heroes 1 & 2 ports were released last year on the Nintendo Switch; however, they were also rated for PC late last year. Now, we know that the games are coming and much sooner than you might think. Both games will finally be available next week on June 9.

This news is intriguing for several reasons. Obviously, having more places to play Travis Touchdown’s quirky games is awesome. The games were always a critical darling, but these modern ports are giving them a chance to latch onto a new audience. With the games now available on more than just the Switch, it should bring in even more fans.

However, the more exciting development is that this potentially opens the door for a No More Heroes 3 launch on PC. Currently, the game is only slated for release on Nintendo Switch. That said, this port of two games that were previously exclusive to the Switch has to give fans hope that this will eventually happen with NMH3.

Of course, you shouldn’t expect it to come any time soon. As mentioned above, NMH 1 & 2 came to the Switch back in October of 2020. That’s roughly eight months between the Switch release and the upcoming PC launch. Expect a similar, if not longer, timeframe with NMH 3. It also might never come as every game is different. However, the chances have to feel much better with NMH 1 & 2 making their way to PC next week.