Notable hype for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance’s 10th anniversary sparks sequel speculations

Expectations are rising!

Image via Platinum Games

The Metal Gear franchise’s most bombastic mech-slicing and meme-producing title from hack-n-slash developer Platinum Games is about to celebrate its 10th anniversary, with rumors emerging of an appearance from Metal Gear Rising Revengeance at an upcoming Metal Gear showcase being held by Konami. The flames surrounding the return of the cyber-ninja were fanned further by a recent post from Platinum, and some teasing comments from Raiden’s VA some weeks ago.

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A recent tweet from MGR’s developers has increased excitement among fans, where the team stated that it will unveil “anniversary art” on its official Twitter, “so don’t miss it.”

Raiden voice actor Quinton Flynn seemed already well aware of the upcoming event this month, having responded to his own Twitter followers back in mid-January to “stay tuned” for an announcement in the coming weeks. The tease was in response to a fan directly mentioning that Metal Gear Rising’s anniversary was incoming, so there’s credence to Flynn’s words now, especially after Platinum’s own tweets.

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Even if the love for MGR is clearly ever-present amongst the community — with Raiden being modded into Elden Ring of all places — whether the actual upcoming event will be a full showcase or just a simple art unveiling in respectful celebration of Raiden is yet to be entirely confirmed. Those eager for more information will need to keep their ears to the ground until February 21 for Platinum’s event.