Nvidia GeForce Now has “over 1 million new gamers”

1,500 more titles are coming to the cloud gaming service.

Image via Nvidia

Nvidia GeForce Now has had a strong debut out of beta as Nvidia has revealed that “over 1 million new gamers” have played PC titles through the streaming platform.

“Over 1 million new gamers have taken to the cloud by signing up for a free plan or upgrading to the Founders membership, which includes a 90-day free trial”, said Nvidia in a blog post.

The label acknowledged that, now that the cloud gaming platform has become a paid service, more publishers and developers might opt out to re-discuss the terms of their permanence on the platform, similar to what has happened with Activision.

However, Nvidia has “an additional 1,500 games in our onboarding queue, from publishers that share a vision of expanding PC gaming to more people.”

That figure includes more and more triple-A games, the most recent being Cyberpunk 2077, which is coming to GeForce Now upon day one on September 17, 2020.

GeForce Now allows you to play PC games that are already in your Steam, Epic Games Store, uPlay, and Origin libraries across PC, Mac, and Android devices, no matter their specifics.

This is the core difference with Google Stadia, a streaming platform that, while taking advantage of the same technology, requires you to buy a dedicated version of the games you already own.

Also, while Google is struggling to have a stronger lineup day after day, GeForce Now supports a consistent part of your Steam library, which doesn’t make games a real problem for Nvidia.