Nvidia GeForce Now offers dev a free graphics card for adding The Long Dark without permission

More developers opting out of the cloud gaming platform.

Image via Nvidia

The Long Dark creator, Raphael van Lierop, has revealed that his game was made available on GeForce Now without permission, and so he has asked Nvidia to remove it. The game is not playable anymore through the streaming service.

“Sorry to those who are disappointed you can no longer play The Long Dark on GeForce Now,” van Lierop said on Twitter.

“Nvidia didn’t ask for our permission to put the game on the platform so we asked them to remove it.”

His position is that fans should “take your complaints to them, not us,” as “devs should control where their games exist.”

Weirdly enough, van Lierop shared that Nvidia offered him a free graphics card “as an apology” for not asking him permission to bring The Long Dark on GeForce Now.

The developer poked fun at the initiative as he would have anticipated a radically different business offer from the Korean outlet.

The Long Dark is not the first case of a removal of a game from the cloud gaming platform and more expected to happen, according to Nvidia.

The platform owner had many games running on GeForce Now throughout a long beta stage, where it wasn’t charging customers to play titles they already owned via streaming.

However, now that the service is out of beta, players have a chance to adopt two different tiers: one is free but limited at one-hour sessions; the other will be paid after a three-month trial.

The developers and publishers, such as Activision and Bethesda, are now rediscussing the terms of the deal to allowing their games to be on GeForce Now. Until that happens, we’ll see more and more games being removed from the platform.