Nvidia’s next RTX GPU could reportedly be twice be as fast as the 3090

The 4090 sounds incredible.

Image via Nvidia

It’s only natural that new graphics cards will be more powerful than the ones that came before them, but it sounds like Nvidia’s 40 series lineup will be taking a major leap forward. Recent leaks of the upcoming Lovelace GPUs sound quite promising.

PC YouTuber Moore’s Law Is Dead cited an inside source at Nvidia in a new video. Part of the sources’ claim is that ray-tracing performance will be “at least double” what the 3090 can do. Pulling that off requires some serious power, and the new cards will reportedly require power supplies between 450 and 600 watts. Those looking to upgrade their GPU may also need to think about a new PSU.

The 40 series is next for Nvidia, but the GPU giant’s most recent releases bookend the 30 series lineup. It revealed the RTX 3090 Ti and 3050 at CES 2022 — the most powerful and budget versions of the 30 series, respectively. Priced at a hefty $1,499 USD, the 3090 Ti brings 24GB of GDDR6X RAM, 40 teraflops of GPU performance, 78 for ray tracing, and 320 for AI tasks. The 30 series lineup was already a great choice for games like Apex Legends, and the Titan version only makes them better. It’s wild to think that the 40 series may up the ante even more.