Outriders demo receives first update, cracks down on popular looting exploits

Farming legendary loot has become much more difficult in the sci-fi shooter.

How expeditions work in Outriders

Image via Square Enix

Shockingly enough, the massive Outriders demo won’t just be giving away a free portion of the full game, but it will also be getting its own dedicated patches. Now available for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC users, the demo’s first update mainly focuses on resolving matchmaking issues as well as one popular looting exploit.

In a Reddit post from Square Enix, the publisher revealed all of the patch’s changes and that the demo has amassed over two million downloads since its Feb 25 release. With these overwhelming numbers impacting server connectivity, the patch notes have detailed an increase in speed when players attempt to join online lobbies.

Much of this patch will have a major impact on the items collected in the demo. For instance, it will be halting players from being able to re-open chests that previously guaranteed legendary loot. On top of that, Epic items can no longer be bought from shops and vendors. Development studio People Can Fly has recognized the large-scale problem of items disappearing from players’ inventories and alleged that another update will launch immediately after it discovers the root of the problem.

In terms of gameplay, the patch has decreased the difficulty of enemy Captains, ultimately increasing their cooldown times for multiple abilities. It even squashes several bugs plaguing the cover system and cutscenes, with more improvements allegedly coming to these features soon.

This popular Outriders demo is currently free on PlayStation and Xbox consoles, as well as PC, and will not have an end date. Though, the full version of Outriders will be launching soon on April 1, and will thankfully transfer over progression made from the demo.