Outriders patches crossplay back in, while promising to fix inventory wipe bug

Outriders devs apologized for the ongoing issues.

Image via People Can Fly

Swaths of bugs and issues in Square Enix’s Outriders have been plaguing the game and causing controversy among affected players. The buggy crossplay feature had to be turned off during the game’s launch and has only now been restored to the PlayStation, PC, and Xbox versions.

However, the most devastating issue for Outriders players has been the inventory wipe bug, which completely deletes the inventory of any player unlucky to encounter it. This effectively wipes tens to almost a hundred hours of progress and grinding from players’ saves. The most recently released patch was supposed to fix these issues but instead has seemed to increase the number of reports.

Developer People Can Fly issued an apology and stated that it is doing everything it can to work on it. According to their official dev news thread, they’ll be doing a one-time restoration event in the coming weeks. Unfortunately, the event will only restore the most valuable tiers of items lost (Epics and Legendaries), while inventories filled with the common blue gear are unlikely to be restored. People Can Fly also stated that “restored items may not have the exact same stats as the lost items,” though the stats will be comparable.

There’s another caveat with restoration in which it “will not be possible for items that were acquired but where the game connection was terminated before an autosave could complete,” since those items were never saved into server inventory.

Outriders launched on April 1 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, and Stadia. You can read up on all our guides for the game, which are sure to improve your experience.