Overwatch 2 just made an instant kill ability to take out Mei, and everyone is on board

It just changed from a competitive game to survival horror.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard is having some fun with the Overwatch community again, this time, modifying Cassidy’s Magnetic Grenade so it would chase down Mei, no matter how far away she is, and eliminate her. Of course, this is not an official change coming to Overwatch 2, just a way to bring up a meme and show what it could look like.

While a couple of Mei mains obviously have raised a red flag, the vast majority of commenters seem very in support of the change. While Mei seems like a harmless character, she is generally one of the most hated characters in the game because of how she slows down and freezes enemies.

The idea for this “change” made its debut on a Facebook page called Overwatch Memes, where it was “leaked” that the ability would now do 250 damage (the exact amount of Mei’s health pool) and have an Infinite range while being drawn to Mei. As an add-on, the player who chose the character would have the game uninstalled from their system, putting a final nail in the coffin.

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While it has been a long while, this isn’t the first time that Blizzard has made a video showing off what some of the Overwatch community’s memes would look like in action in the game. Back in 2018, a fan at an Overwatch League match held up a sign asking for Zenyatta, a character that always floats in a crossed-leg sitting pose, to walk on the ground. The developers obliged.

In another situation, we were able to see what it would look like if Torbjorn could wall climb like Genji and Hanzo.

We are massive fans of developers having fun with their fanbase. The more often that Blizzard directly interacts with the community like this, the better. Video games are supposed to be fun, so seeing them take a lighthearted change for a quick laugh is something we will always get behind. Even when there are still matchmaking issues at play.