Overwatch 2 Screenshots Leak, Tracer Hero Talents Shown and Character Skins

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We’re getting more Overwatch 2 screenshots leaked a good week before we’re expecting the hear the announcement from Blizzard’s event, BlizzCon 2019. While the event is going to kick off on Friday, Nov. 1, we get to take a small peak at the hero talents coming to the game. We also had the opportunity to preview some of the character skins.

You can check out the recent tweet of the leaked screenshots below.

We don’t get the best look on those talents, but it looks like each hero is going to have a separate tree for players to level through. From what we can read, it seems like players need to grind through the game with their ideal choice to get to level 20. At levels 5, 10, and 20, they’re going to receive new talents to define their characters.

However, due to the quality of the pictures, we don’t have the best look at what those talents are going to do. We do know there’s two for each level. We can expect this to ring true for all of the characters in the game.

Below the hero talents image, we get a look at Sojourn, one of the original members of the Overwatch team. She is not in the current game, but it looks like she’s going to make an appearance in Overwatch 2.

These new screenshots follow the latest story we did regarding what ESPN revealed earlier today about Overwatch 2‘s new PvE story-based missions, a new game mode coming to the game, and in-game items. The story also talked about hero talents, and these recent screenshots all but confirm that they’re coming to the game.

We’re hoping to hear more official information from Blizzard later this week during BlizzCon 2019. While it kicks off later this week on Friday, Nov. 1, Blizzard may respond sooner regarding these recent leaks. We’re also expecting Overwatch to receive its 32nd hero Echo. The robotic woman McCree saves from Ashe during the Reunion animated video. We’re supposed to have Echo in the game when Overwatch 2 releases at an undisclosed time.

Stay tuned to learn more about upcoming Overwatch 2 news.