Overwatch 2’s new Tank Hero is an Omnic revolutionary named Ramattra, coming to Season 2

Overwatch’s newest hero is a form-shifting Omnic.

Image via Blizzard

Blizzard has revealed the newest hero joining the roster of Overwatch 2, the Omnic tank Ramattra, during the Overwatch League 2022 grand finals. Ramattra is the leader of the Omnic group Null Sector, a group of robots who fight for liberation against humanity in the overarching story of Overwatch.

In the hero’s origin video, Ramattra explains how he was created to “lead Omnics into war,” but in truth, he wished to live in peace and harmony with both Omnics and humanity. After trying to coexist, Ramattra finally gives up on his hopeful wish and begins to wage war on humans and forms Null Sector. Fans may also recognize them from the Storm Rising Archives, where we see Doomfist talking with Ramattra about working together to achieve their goals.

Ramattra will be the 36th hero to join the game’s lengthy roster and looks to be one of the more exciting additions we’ve seen in a while. Unlike other tanks, Ramattra will not have the traditional style of gameplay and instead will have two forms that plays will switch between that change how they play. the Omnic form will provide defensive capabilities that support your team, whereas the Nemesis form has you going on the attack, rushing down enemies and dealing more damage.

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Unfortunately, we don’t have gameplay footage of Ramattra in action yet, but we will be hearing more about this newest addition to the Overwatch roster soon. This will be the fourth new hero to join Overwatch 2 since its release. With Null Sector’s involvement in the upcoming PvE content for the game, this will likely serve as some good world-building and may begin the hype train when the game’s PvE launches next year. We won’t have to wait too long to get our hands on them either, as they will be released alongside the game’s second season which begins on December 6.