Overwatch Fans Speak Out Against Paywall PvE Content

Fans have expressed their frustrations following the announcement of paid story missions coming to Overwatch 2.


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Overwatch 2 has not had the best go of it since its launch back in October 2022, with fans upset about the price of cosmetics, the restrictions to unlock new heroes, and the recently announced cancelation of the PvE hero mode. Now, players have another reason to be frustrated with the hero shooter.

In a recent announcement, Activision Blizzard revealed that the upcoming PvE story mission for Overwatch 2 would be paid content, and fans have taken to the forums and social media to express their feelings about this surprising move.

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Overwatch 2: Invasion Will Include Three Paid Story Missions

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As revealed in a blog post by Blizzard, the new PvE content coming to Overwatch 2 will not be a free update or addition to the game but instead will be part of multiple bundles. These being the Invasion Bundle for $15 and the Ultimate Invasion Bundle at $40. These bundles will also include the season battle pass, OW coins, and legendary skins for certain characters. Purchasing either bundles would provide players permanent access to the Overwatch 2: Invasion missions.

Many fans have taken to social media and the Blizzard forums to express their grievances. Some have said they won’t be purchasing the content, while others can go a step further and will no longer be playing Overwatch 2 at all, calling out the publisher’s greed. Reddit user Just_Trynna_Help pointed out, “We used to get missions like these for free, just for it being a certain time of year,” with others sharing that sentiment. Additionally, the general feelings of the community are pretty sour after the announcement, and so far, Activision Blizzard has not made any comment addressing fan concerns.

The new PvE content will be part of Overwatch 2’s sixth season, titled Invasion. It will include three story missions set in Rio de Janeiro, Toronto and the currently unreleased Gothenburg maps. The missions will focus on the resurgence of Null Sector, the Omnic army bend of destroying everything in their path, and the hero of Overwatch are out to put a stop to them. Alongside these missions, players can expect a new co-op event, a new “Flashpoint” game mode, and the Hero Mastery and Practice range.

For many, the fact that Overwatch 2, which in large part exists due to the developer’s promise of PvE content, will now be paywalled hasn’t sat well with them, especially since just last month’s announcement that they had canceled the hotly anticipated PvE Hero Mode. Whether or not Activision Blizzard changes course or makes a statement on the fan response has yet to be seen, but for now, fans have made their voices heard loud and clear.