Paladins introduces new Support Champion Lillith

Blood transfusions for everyone!

Lillith Paladins

Image via Hi-Rez Studios

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Paladins will add its latest Champion with the Heart of Darkness update, and her name is Lillith. As a Blood Mage with lots of vampiric flair, it’s easy to imagine Lillith as a brutal damage-dealer, but she is also a Support. Paladins is unique among hero shooter games in that Support characters can build their loadouts for damage and stand toe-to-toe with opponents rather than cowering behind their Tanks, and Lillith is a good example of this design.

Like all Paladins Champions, Lillith’s abilities and mechanics are representative of her lore. For starters, she doesn’t have a normal health pool of around 2,000 like other Supports. Instead, she has a base health pool of 750 and a blood overshield of 2,500 she recharges by dealing damage. Dealing damage also stores power, which can be used to cast abilities and heal Lillith’s allies. In this way, she keeps herself healthy and strong by feeding on the blood of the enemy team, fulfilling the Blood Mage fantasy. Lillith has a very unusual kit and it will be interesting to see how she stacks up to other Support Champions in Paladins, but her uniqueness is already undeniable.

Lillith will arrive in Paladins in the Heart of Darkness update. The update will also bring a new Schism for the Siege: Beyond game mode, a host of balance changes, and an interesting redesign to Kinessa’s Eagle Eye talent.