Palia Director Outlines New Content Players Can Expect Later This Year

Palia’s closed beta is right around the corner and the team is already sharing exciting things for the year ahead.


Image via Singularity Six

Palia is an upcoming cozy massive multiplayer online game. This is something we don’t see done a lot, especially with farming-based simulators. Games like Disney Dreamlight Valley, which might be a good one to compare Palia to, are focused on single-player activities but hopes to allow players to invite their friends over at a later date. But Palia’s goal is to let players play together while living a virtual cozy lifestyle.

Some players are already gearing up to play Palia as it goes into its Closed Beta session on August 2, 2023. While it doesn’t have a release date yet, it has the release window of this holiday season. However, the developers are already sharing new things that players can expect to see from the game this year.

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The Palia Team Has Some Exciting Goodies In Store

Image via Singularity Six

Palia already promises gamers an incredible experience, something everyone will get to see once the closed beta begins. Even while others are having to wait to play this soon-to-be free-to-play game, the team is already sharing all the new content features that will be released later this year. It definitely seems the Palia team has some magic up their sleeves. Below is the list from the director’s letter from Palia sharing what players can expect this year.

  • Themed Event
  • New Quests and Storylines
  • New Villagers and Friendships
  • New Decor and Furniture
  • New Crops and Recipes
  • More Character Customization Options
  • Beards!
  • Nintendo Switch Release
  • Full Controller Support
  • More Quality of Life Improvements

The game definitely seems to be going in the familiar direction of Disney Dreamlight Valley and other cozy farming sims like Story of Seasons and Coral Island. The most exciting besides the many new pieces of content coming to the game is the Nintendo Switch release and full controller support. Not only will we be able to play on our handheld devices but also on our TVs with our favorite controllers.

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The excitement for Palia continues as everyone awaits access to this wonderful new world where old and new friends are just waiting to be met.