Palia Complete Guide – Romance, Tools, Crafters, & Tips

Palia will have players exploring a vibrant world of cozy goodness, with plenty of activities to enjoy solo or with friends.


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Palia is a cozy life sim MMO from Singularity Six and will see players step into the vibrant, colorful world of Palia as they explore, forage, adventure, and relax. The game sees players enjoy plenty of activities such as cooking, fishing, hunting, bug catching, and so much more alone or alongside friends. There are also plenty of characters to meet and interact with, as well as other players, and more content is added over time for players to enjoy. It’s going to be a cozy fan’s dream!

** This guide is still in progress and we will continue to update it as we gather more information**

We’ve got all the details in this guide, including the trailers, how to get closed beta access, all tools, crafting recipes, romance options, and a few tips for players so you can jump in and explore the world of Palia.

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Palia Walkthrough Guides

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Below you’ll find all the guides we currently have on Palia. These will help to explain certain mechanics, how to romance, your tools, and provide details on other aspects of the game.

Palia Guides

Everything to Know About Palia

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Palia is a game designed to be a relaxing, cozy experience similar to games such as Story of Seasons and Harvest Moon. In Palia, players are able to do a variety of activities such as gardening, furniture making, hunting, and others which they can do to pass the time and progress their characters, unlocking new items along the way.

Additionally, the game has a big focus on customization, with a rather robust offering of furniture for players to craft in order to create their dream house, which will take up a considerable amount of time given how detailed this feature is. There are also a ton of villagers to me, all with varied personalities, likes and dislikes, and behaviors that players can meet, befriend, and romance.

The game is currently in open beta, so anyone is free to sign up and jump in if it takes their fancy. We can also expect more content and updates to come in the future, with new villagers, romances, recipes, and more for players to enjoy!

What to Do First in Palia

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Palia can initially seem intimidating, but once you know what you are doing and get into the swing of things, it’s a pretty straightforward experience.

We recommend you complete the questline “Learning the Ropes” first, as this will introduce you to the game’s core skills and get you the tools you need and some extra goodies along the way. It also is a great chance to meet the villagers and get to know the world and its characters.

Additionally, you can increase your inventory space by visiting Zeki’s shop, which will be very helpful since you will be looting many items in Palia.

When Does Palia Release on Nintendo Switch?

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At the time of writing, we currently don’t have a definitive release date for Palia on Nintendo Switch, but we do know the current plan is for the game to release Holiday 2023, so players will have the game by the end of the year. Currently, there is no word on whether the game will launch on other platforms, but the developers are aware of the demand for the game to launch on PlayStation and Xbox systems.

Additionally, the developers have made clear that they intend to support crossplay and cross-progression with Palia, and are working on this feature.

Are There Romance Options in Palia?

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Yes, there are romance options in Palia. Players can choose from nine villagers they want to romance and can romance multiple characters if they choose to. Unlike other cozy games, the romance options are meant to be an opt-in style of gameplay, where you can choose to romance no one but still get a worthwhile experience from the game.

Additionally, romancing multiple characters currently doesn’t seem to have any negative effects, as these are rather seen as ways to get a bit more flavor and details from certain characters you may find interesting or particularly like. We detail the full extent of how romance works in our guide, so go give that a read to get the full details on who and how to romance.

How to Refer a Friend in Palia

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Palia, like most MMOs, has a way for players to earn some extra goodies while bringing new players into the game with a refer-a-friend system.

Using this system is very straightforward. All players need to do is invite new players to come and play the game via their referral link, which is found on their account page on the main Palia website, and have their friends sign up for an account via this link. When they do so, you’ll earn a reward in-game, such as clothing, decor for your home, and even a glider skin. There are currently only 5 rewards for referring a friend, but who knows, maybe more will appear in the future!

All Palia Trailers

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Here we have listed all of the currently available trailers for Palia. There are currently four trailers available to watch.

Here is the official reveal trailer for Palia, released on June 3, 2021.

Here is the Nintendo Switch announcement shown during the June 2023 Nintendo Direct.

Here is the official beta release trailer, released on July 11, 2023.

Here is the first look at gameplay, shown during a live stream on July 18, 2023.

Here is the official cinematic trailer, released on August 2, 2023

This guide will be updated as new information becomes available.