Palia Player Highlights Disappointment With MMO Aspect of the Game

Players aren’t finding much to cheer about in regards to the games MMO aspects.

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Palia, the cozy life-sim MMO from Singularity Six, recently released into closed beta, and with it, players have finally been able to dive into the world of Palia and its cozy goodness. But for some players, one of the game’s key selling points has been lacking and caused quite the disappointment.

Players have taken to Reddit to express their disappointment at the current state of the game’s MMO and multiplayer offerings, and with it, their upset at how lacking these features seem to be in the game at this moment.

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Players Feel the Multiplayer Experience in Palia Isn’t up to Scratch in Its Current State

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A Reddit user by the name of u/fenderjazz has laid out a rather extensive but fair list of issues they have had regarding Palia’s multiplayer offering. In the post, they detail playing the game with their wife over two days and how during that time, they felt the MMO aspect of the game, something heavily advertised and pushed by the developers, is not living up to their expectations. As it turns out, other players share this sentiment, and the points raised do shine a light on one of the more lacking areas of the game in its current state.

The biggest issue highlighted is the lack of incentive to party up. Currently, the game has no cooperative quests or major activities for players to do together, aside from gathering and crafting, which has no difference whether you party up or not. Additionally, they expressed frustration that for an MMO, there is not much incentive or emphasis on playing together, making the argument that having some kind of specialty or skill for the task at hand can make the team effort more exciting and highlight the feeling of a group working together. In this case, they use the example of one party member being better at hunting while others can farm better, and together, they can create complicated recipes.

They also highlighted a few other grievances with trading and sharing resources, which they argue feels “actively discouraged” with the current system, which involves putting up trade requests for items that players can then give you. However, this is limited to a few a day. On top of this, they argued that the game feels rather “empty and lifeless” at the moment, as the lack of incentive to play together and the small number of players on a server does create the sense of cozy community they were expecting, stating “The infrastructure is there for some great role-playing opportunities and player interaction (there’s an entire town right there just waiting to be used!), but they can’t be used and aren’t used for community-building in its current state.”

They wrap up by stating they enjoy the game but feel that it is not the MMO experience they were expecting, and other players have joined in on the discussion, sharing similar frustrations with this approach. One player even suggested it’s the “most anti-social “MMO” I’ve seen,” with many others feeling the same.

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Of course, it should be mentioned the game is currently in beta, and it will likely continue to grow, change, and build on some of these complaints and issues the community has. But they aren’t unfounded, and having played for quite a bit of time for both coverage and personal enjoyment, I agree that the MMO and multiplayer aspects of the game are lacking and the overall package is a little bare. We know there are plans to add more content in the near future, such as a themed event, more recipes and crops, and quality-of-life improvements. Whether this addresses any of these issues remains to be seen, but for some players, they need to make more of an effort on this front.