Path of Exile will remove Prophecies in the next league

Leaving in the foreseeable future.

Image via Grinding Gears Games

Grinding Gear Games, the developer behind Path of Exile, likes to shake up the mechanics of its ARPG in major ways whenever a new league begins. And with over 30 major content updates since its original release, the world of Wraeclast is ever-changing. It seems that update 3.17.0, which will bring the game’s next league, will be no different.

The official Path of Exile Twitter put out an announcement that with the arrival of the update, the game’s Prophecy mechanic will be going away. A part of the game since 2016, Prophecies alter the future of your character in various ways. They do this by triggering events or changing the outcomes of certain actions. Prophecies are unlocked by collecting Silver coins that players then give to the vendor Navali.

The team elaborated in an announcement on the Path of Exile forum that although the mechanic has been a core component of the game since its addition, the developers feel that “it has become dated and outpaced by other newer content.” Players who want to use their remaining Silver coins, Prophecies, and Pale Council fragments will have until the release of the 3.17.0 patch, when they will be deleted from players’ inventories along with Navali. The patch is scheduled for release in January 2022.

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