PlatinumGames’ upcoming shoot ’em up Sol Cresta is delayed

It looks like we’re not blasting off just yet.

Image via Platinum Games

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During his appropriately titled Very Sorry Stream, Hideki Kamiya announced that PlatinumGames’ upcoming shoot ’em up, Sol Cresta, has been delayed. Though it had previously been confirmed for a December 9 release, the game has had to be pushed back. Sol Cresta is a sequel to classic arcade games Moon Cresta and Terra Cresta, developed by PlatinumGames penchant for retro games and a story of Hideki’s own design.

No new release date has been mentioned, nor has a reason for the delay beyond “schedule issues [and] some quality issues that we want to focus on” according to the famed video game director and the rest of the development team. The YouTube live stream is still up as of this writing and says that Hideki and his team need a bit more time to polish the game to the standard they are happy with but did not give a timescale of when fans could expect it.

The stream wasn’t a complete wash for those looking forward to Sol Cresta, however. It did reveal the new opening cutscene for the game and chunks of new gameplay that can be expected from the final product. This might be a small comfort considering the delay just over a month from release, but at least it didn’t leave players totally in the dark.