Play Pokémon May Have Leaked A Pokémon Form That Isn’t In Sword And Shield Yet

Pokemon Sword and Shield

Pokémon fans are starting to speculate like crazy about what the upcoming Pokémon Direct will show, and a recent tweet shared by Play Pokémon may have unintentionally shown off what will be revealed this Thursday.

Play Pokémon is a Twitter account that is fully supported by the official Pokémon Company. The main focus of Play Pokémon is to share details about how to play all types of Pokémon-based media, including the Pokémon Trading Card Game, mobile games, and mainline games.

Play Pokémon on Twitter

Welcome to the new Play #Pokemon Twitter channel! Whether you play the #PokemonTCG, #PokemonVG, Pokémon mobile games or all of the above, this is your new home for talking all about gameplay. Make friends with fellow Trainers as we talk about playing the games we love.

The account recently tweeted out an image of a double-team battle in Pokémon Sword and Shield. The image is accompanied by some text that gives readers some tips on how to use certain Pokémon’s abilities and moves effectively. However, what’s interesting about this tweet is the fact that it shows off a Pokémon form that isn’t in the games yet.

Gastrodon is a slug-like Pokémon that has two forms – an east sea form and west sea form. East Gastrodon’s are blue, whereas west ones are pink. Sword and Shield only have the blue form Gastrodon.

The image shared by Play Pokémon, however, shows a pink Gastrodon in battle, which shouldn’t be possible in the game. The account eventually took down the tweet, but GameXplain was able to share a screenshot of the now-deleted tweet with a video. The screenshot came courtesy of Twitter user PhillyBeatzU.

Did the Pokémon Twitter Leak a Direct Announcement? Now Deleted Tweet Shows New Sword & Shield Form

We may have gotten our first look at one of the announcements for tomorrow’s Pokémon Direct thanks to the Pokémon Play Twitter account! Get the details on why it seems new forms will be added to Sword & Shield in the near future!

Since the tweet was quickly deleted, it could be presumed that Play Pokémon was too hasty with the release of that information. If pink Gastrodon is coming to the game, then other forms of Pokémon can make their way into Sword and Shield.

The upcoming Direct may give fans more information about the mysterious Pokémon Home, which could potentially allow players to transfer their Pokémon from previous games onto Sword and Shield. There’s a possibility that the Pokémon Company will be releasing new Pokémon into the games via updates or patches.