This crafty player started a weed removal service in Animal Crossing

Finally we can pay someone to remove those pesky weeds.

Screengrab via Nintendo

Animal Crossing: New Horizons continues to build community and social interaction in a world without it. From trading forums to exchange villagers to celebrities visiting islands to sell their turnips, the fanbase is eager to assist each other. If there’s a need, someone will come up with a way to fulfill it. One clever player on Reddit created a weed removal service for players overrun with weeds. 

Animal Crossing games are life simulators. And with anything in life, they can have some tedious elements. Removing the plethora of weeds that can crop up over the island is one of those. For players that are busy terraforming or laying paths, removing weeds is just another hindrance. Reddit user Tybalt11 created a weed removal service for islanders that just don’t want to deal with it. And they’re hiring. 

Comments flooded to the service with praise. Players liked the creativity, suggesting it will springboard other services into the game, such as orchard design, furniture crafting, and more. Others are curious about the hiring aspect and want to offer their services

I started a Weed Removal service and demand was huge! I needed to hire a new employee. Here’s some highlights from WeedCo’s employee orientation. Plus we have uniforms!

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Tybalt11 states in the title of the thread that demand was huge. They had to hire more workers to help with the demand. They even have a spreadsheet of available workers for players all over the world. Their brief video demonstrates the training for new hires, including a nifty X-button feature for seeing behind walls.

If you’re eager for some extra bells in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, consider sending a small clip of your weeding skills to Tybalt11. If you’re chosen you’ll even get a uniform!