Players are earning more Overwatch 2 coins from Microsoft Rewards than they do actually playing the game

It’s good news and bad news.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

There can be no doubt that Overwatch 2 has seen its fair share of controversy and issues since its launch earlier this year. Plagued with connection errors, matchmaking issues, a murky SR system, and a shop that tends to charge high prices, it’s definitely been a rocky start for Overwatch 2. Players and fans of the games have found themselves taking to any and all forums to complain about the issues they experience and, in this case, a frustration that many share with the Overwatch 2 coin system.

One of the chief complaints of players has been the lack of reward for investment of time and money. Many players have called for premium currency returns in the Battle Pass, and others have asked for an upped earn rate in the Weekly Challenges. However, there may just be a different solution altogether.

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In a Reddit post, u/MyGoodFriendJon shows that they’ve managed to earn more Overwatch 2 coins through Microsoft Rewards than they’ve actually gotten from completing every weekly challenge since the game’s launch, of which there are 143 in total. u/MyGoodFriendJon goes on to list that they’ve earned 800 Overwatch 2 coins through the Microsoft Rewards system, and a weekly total of 780 from Overwatch 2 itself.

They go on to list the various ways they earned the Microsoft Rewards coins in the comment section. While it’s certainly not unusual to have a secondary system in place to earn rewards, such as the current watch affiliated Twitch streamers to earn skins and other in-game items, it is odd that by doing things outside the game itself, players are able to earn more than by playing the actual game. In fact, it can certainly be said that there’s no way that playing the game should be the secondary means of earning currency.