PS5 Dev Kits “Went Out Early This Year,” Says Reliable Insider


According to Marcus Sellars, the insider who leaked Dark Souls Remastered well ahead of its official announcement, Sony has already shipped PlayStation 5 development kits to third-party software houses.

Based on a tweet by Sellars, the Japanese platform holder has done the move, which might look a bit surprising at this point of PlayStation 4’s lifecycle, “early this year”. So that would have happened just a couple months ago, at max.

PlayStation 5 Dev Kit

“PS5 dev kits went out early this year to third-party developers,” the insider told his followers on Twitter, without adding anything else apart from responding to a question about whether it was a joke or not. “Nope,” he said, of course.

As I said, it might look a bit too early, but that isn’t’ actually. Consider that estimates point at a 2019/2020 release, and even if we take into account the possibility that PS5 drops in 2020 developers would need at least a couple years to ship their titles at launch or in the launch window.

Since we’re just started with 2018, it, sure enough, seems like we’ll have more and more rumors/leaks/reports about these dev kits, as we’re still around two years from the official release. Or could it be that Sony drops the bomb (launch the console) as early as the end of next year?

PS4 still has couple games without a date, like Ghost of Tsushima, Death Stranding and The Last of Us Part II, which are supposed to release in 2019. So it’ll be interesting to see how Sony shapes up its lineup both in terms of software and hardware in the next few years.

Everything is really still up in the air and we’ll update you as soon as more details begin to pop in.