Sony Clarifies E3 2018 Press Conference Will Be Showcase, Infront Of A Live Audience

Spider-man The Heist DLC Suits

Shawn Layden yesterday announced PlayStation E3 2018 press conference date and time and list of four upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive games that will make an appearance at the event: Death Stranding, The Last of Us Part II, Ghosts of Tsushima and Spider-Man. Layden made the announcements with the view that it will help them build a hype among PlayStation fans for the upcoming E3 media briefing. Sadly, things didn’t go according to the plan and fans via Twitter started questioning Sony on whether this year’s presser will be different: will it be a Nintendo Direct style presentation? Only these 4 games will be showcased at the event? and so on.

PlayStation E3 2018 Doubts Clarified By Sid Shuman

Thankfully, PlayStation’s Sid Shuman has clarified that this year’s PlayStation Media Briefing will indeed take place in front of a live audience and the above listed 4 games will be a big focus i.e. fans will get a “deep dive” into each of these games.

When asked by a fan on Twitter: “Why is the wording so weird again? So can you confirm – 1: It’s not a traditional press conference like in 2015 or 2016? 2: Just a stream? – You are focusing on TLOU2, DS, Spider-Man, GoT and there won’t be new AAA 1st party announcements Correct?”

So there you have it, folks, no need to get confused at all, PlayStation is not changing their pattern for this year’s E3, it’s just that they wanted to give fans a short heads up of few things that will be present at the event but choose the wrong wording.

In another news, Shawn Layden confirmed via the Blogcast that Sony will not reveal any new hardware at E3 2018.