Spider-Man Remastered files suggest that PlayStation Network services could come to PC

Sony could offer bonuses for linking your account.

Image via Insomniac

Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered, one of the best Spider-Man games ever made, just made its way to PC after a period of exclusivity on PlayStation consoles. PC players can now experience Spidey’s adventure with new features like ray tracing and ultrawide monitor support. Some savvy fans have even dug through the files to find intriguing hidden details. It appears that some level of PlayStation Network PC integration could be in Sony’s future plans.

VGC has seen these files itself, and there are three that stand out. They’re titled “PSNAccountLinked,” “PSNLinkingEntitlements,” and “LevelCapExtras.” The first is pretty self-explanatory, as it suggests the act of linking one’s PlayStation Network account to Spider-Man Remastered on PC. The second implies that doing so would “entitle” the player to certain bonuses. The last file name gives us an idea of what these bonuses could entail; in this case, extra skill points for purchasing in-game upgrades were possibly going to be offered at some stage.

As VGC also points out, Sony’s web page for PlayStation games on PC states that “you currently do not need a PSN account” to play these games. The word “currently” suggests that things could change in the future — it’s worth pointing out that Microsoft’s Game Pass for PC requires an Xbox Live account. If it doesn’t end up being a requirement, connecting accounts could still be beneficial for players. Even something as simple as transferring Spidey saves from PlayStation to PC could be done through linking accounts.

Of course, there are a number of other PlayStation titles available for PC at this point. God of War made the jump at the start of the year, and Returnal looks to be next in line. If it’s Spider-Man Remastered that you’re interested in, then check out the list of minimum PC requirements and recommended specs to make sure that your machine can handle it.