PlayStation fans lose their minds as an Australian retailer incorrectly lists PS5 Slim online

While quickly debunked, the listing demonstrates the desire for a PS5 Slim.

Image via PlayStation

An Australian retailer has caused quite a stir online today following the accidental listing of a PS5 Slim console on its website. The listing has since been changed, but the situation certainly shows that there’s a desperate desire for such a console among PlayStation Community.

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The retailer in question is The Good Guys, which sells all sorts of electronic goods. Earlier today, a page listing the PS5 Slim for sale was picked up and shared online. It seemed to be a genuine listing for the console ahead of any announcement from Sony.

However, as quickly as hopes were raised, they dashed again. The listing was a mere update to the site’s PS4 Slim page. A Twitter thread comparing the two pages side by side makes it easy to see how the mistake was made. The page listing the PS5 Slim for sale has been live since 2018, meaning it was almost certainly the PS4 Slim page and was altered back in 2021, not 2023.

While this listing for the PS5 Slim has been debunked, it proves there’s a demand for such a console. The PS5 will be three years old this year, the same age as the PlayStation 4 was when Sony launched the PS4 Slim. It’s less a question of if and more a question of when. The PS5 is a big, bulky console resembling a wi-fi router. Something with the same level of console gaming power in a smaller, quieter package would be a welcome change. If that smaller console comes with a lower price tag, too, it’ll be even more well-received.

To date, all we have are rumors regarding the PS5 Slim console, and that’s being generous. If the console is ready to launch in 2023, then Sony will surely announce it sometime around the E3 months of June and July, when many other gaming companies are sharing their announcements for 2024. There’s still plenty to look forward to from the PS5 as it is, though, such as the DLC for Horizon Forbidden West, Burning Shores.