PlayStation Plus August 2019 Free Games Leaked


We’re just getting out of the mess that was the PlayStation Plus July lineup, with Sony changing the free games last minute and giving subscribers Quantic Dream’s Detroit: Become Human instead of the announced Pro Evolution Soccer 2019. This last-minute decision left Konami entirely in the dark until the news reached the internet.

There’s no time to think about such things anymore as we’re already looking at a leak from the PlayStation Plus Aug. lineup, as spotted by website Glitched Africa. The report comes from a couple of photos from PS4 users who discovered this on their PlayStation Store page.

The lineup in question is Star Wars Battlefront II, the sequel of the original reboot by DICE that had a troubled launch due to the abuse of microtransactions, and EA Sports UFC 3, a sports game about mixed martial arts.

With both of them coming from Electronic Arts, you could think there’s an error in the database. With EA Access coming soon to the PlayStation 4, there could’ve been some mixup. In that case, though, why would the games be equipped with the PlayStation Plus ‘free’ icon you can see in the pictures?

That’s a slightly weird case but not one that has happened before, as leaks have come our way in the past for what matters PlayStation Plus and we’re getting quite used to them. Perhaps just not so early.