PlayStation stat-tracking page returns to show gamers what and when they played most in 2020

This time around, PlayStation users can see what action they did the most of last year.

Dual Sense Controller

Image via PlayStation

For anyone curious to know how much they gamed while stuck indoors, Sony has announced the return of a stat-tracking feature looking back on almost everything their dedicated gamers did in 2020. Dubbed the PlayStation Wrap-Up, the in-depth page displays a user’s top played games, days, and so much more, from last year.

For a limited time, the 2020 Wrap-Up report will be available for all PlayStation users to check out, and it does have some new inclusions. For one, this year will allow PS5 users to see their most played games, as well as how many trophies they’ve collected. In addition, all players can spot what action they’ve done the most, whether that be hitting home runs in MLB The Show or eliminating enemies in Ghost of Tsushima.

If you are having trouble accessing your wrap-up, as many have reported during the initial rollout, we have some information that may be helpful.

Like every year before, those who login and check their Wrap-Up report will earn a free PS4 theme — this year’s being a gray and white screen that scrolls through various PlayStation symbols. The Wrap is currently live to check and will be available until March 2.

Image via PlayStation