How to fix the 2020 PlayStation Wrap-Up Trouble Loading This Page error

A simply change to the site address is all it takes.

Although Sony has released its newest iteration of the PlayStation Wrap-Up page, users in particular regions are struggling to find a thorough website link to the stat-tracking feature. Especially for those in the United States, various addresses seem to ultimately lead to an error message that reads, “Trouble loading this page.” Thankfully, there is one easy, quick fix to resolve the problem.

Fixing the PlayStation Wrap-Up URL

When looking over the broken URL, you should notice a section after the first backslash that reads, “en-us,” or something similar (depending on your region). This signifier, for instance, means the English United States page is down.

To fix this, instead of rewriting the entire URL, you’ll need to simply replace the “en-us” part with another region’s. From what we’ve seen, replacing it with either “en-gb” or “en-ca” should resolve the issue. Using one of these, you will be brought to another country’s dedicated Wrap-Up page, but it won’t affect your ability to log in and check your yearly stats if your account is based elsewhere.

If the problem persists, users have also recommended that clearing internet browser cache may need to be done to properly use the site, in addition to changing the URL.