PlayStation Store announces accessibility tag feature to boost inclusion

Hats off to you PlayStation.

Image via Shutterstock/Alena Veasey

In gaming today, more and more developers and publishers strive to make their games accessible so, everyone can play and enjoy them. Because of that, it’s always a welcome sight to see a large company take notice and do its part to help push that idea forward.

This time around, it’s thanks to Sony and a new feature coming to the PlayStation Store this week called “Accessibility Tags”. These new tags are designed to help developers provide details about accessibility features supported in their games. In short, they allow players to see if games have the features they need to play and enjoy what PlayStation has to offer.

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PlayStation Store adds detailed information on accessibility features

Shared via an official blog post, Sony has detailed how the new Accessibility Tags will work and what players can expect from the feature. When players browse the store and click on a game hub, if that game supports Accessibility Tags, they can press the Triangle button to see a list of accessibility features that the game supports. The feature will only be available for the PS5 but will work on both PS5 and PS4 games available on the system. If both the PS5 and PS4 versions are available in the store, you can compare their tags and see which is the better choice for you.

It won’t be a small selection of tags either, as Sony has stated there are over 50 Accessibility Tags that developers can add to their games that stretch across several categories. These include Visual, Audio, Subtitles and captions, Gameplay, and Online Features, all of which have multiple specific options, giving players an incredible amount of detailed information. This is just the newest announcement from Sony aimed at making their system and games more inclusive, with the recently announced Project Leonardo accessibility controller coming in the future.

Features like these make gaming a more welcoming place for those with difficulties playing or enjoying the media. Anytime a developer or publisher takes a positive step toward making games accessible, it should be praised and celebrated. Here’s hoping this new feature helps many more players find the right games for them and can enjoy them to the fullest.