PlayStation Tournaments coming to PS5 in 2022

Play for prizes on your PS5.

Image via Sony

Speaking at CES 2022, PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan has confirmed that PlayStation Tournaments will be coming to PS5 in 2022. “This year, we’re also planning to introduce a new Tournaments feature on PS5,” said Ryan, before abruptly moving on to an in-depth presentation on PlayStation VR2.

There are no further details on what form PlayStation Tournaments would take on PS5 or when it would be launched, but it’s safe to assume it’ll be similar to the PlayStation Tournaments feature introduced and launched on PS4 back in October 2016.

PlayStation Tournaments are Sony’s collaboration with German esports organizer ESL and allow PS4 players to compete to win PlayStation accessories and merchandise, all directly through their console. Competitors have to register an ESL account, but other than that, the whole experience is very much contained with the PlayStation experience.

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Sony has expanded PlayStation Tournaments in the five years since it launched, but the feature has remained fairly low-profile on the PS4. One possible clue to a major expansion to the feature on the PS5 came in October 2021 with Sony’s patenting of a system titled “Spectators vote to bench players in a video game.” The patent also included a flow chart giving a pretty detailed view of how this spectatorship and voting system might look. Whether this system is tied to PlayStation Tournaments and, if so, whether it’ll also be added to PlayStation Tournaments on PS4, are not yet confirmed. But it seems pretty likely in both cases.