A Pokémon fan believes they spotted hints of Scarlet and Violet in Sword and Shield

Are fans right, or are they just grasping?

Screenshot via Pokémon YouTube

As people continue reeling in their excitement for the upcoming Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, several fans have started analyzing the most recent Pokémon entries to see if there are any hints for these upcoming games. DDD-HERO on Reddit believes they found a hint of Scarlet and Violet in Pokémon Sword and Shield.

In Sword and Shield, there’s a hotel called Hotel Ionia that players can explore in the town called Circhester. There are side rooms in the lobby that are roped off. There’s no way to access the side rooms, but DDD-HERO pointed out that the wallpapers are still visible, and on the wallpapers, there are images of oranges and grapes.

The reveal trailer for Scarlet and Violet features oranges and grapes prominently. For instance, two mounted shields feature the fruits on them as emblems. There’s even a bowl of fruit in the trailer as well. Furthermore, the colors scarlet and violet match with blood oranges and grapes.

DDD-HERO later shares that Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl may also have a Scarlet and Violet reference. DDD-HERO realized that some of the flowers in the games have different colors than they do in the original Diamond and Pearl. Instead of keeping the original colors, Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl change the color of the flowers near the exit to Route 201 to be red and purple, aka Scarlet and Violet.

It is unknown if these “hints” discovered by DDD-HERO have any truth to them, though Pokémon games do often hide little teases for future titles.