Pokemon Fans Commiserate Over Worst Battle In Franchise History

Pokemon fans are taking to Twitter to commiserate about the most dreaded battle in the franchise’s history.

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Pokemon fans are commiserating on Twitter over the worst battle in franchise history. There’s a clear winner in this category, as it’s a challenge everyone has faced and been left wanting.

There’s a lot of discussion about how the Pokemon games need difficulty options, and there is merit to that, considering how easy the modern entries in the series are. This is in stark contrast to the older entries in the series, which had some notable roadblocks, especially for young kids who didn’t totally understand all of the gameplay mechanics.

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Pokemon Fans Are Reminiscing About The Difficult Battle With Whitney In Pokemon Gold & Silver.

One Pokemon battle stands out amongst the rest when it comes to being the difficult one everyone remembers. A post on AgentVee’s Twitter page features images of the infamous battle with Gym Leader Whitney in Pokemon Gold & Silver and her monstrous Miltank. Fans have commented on how they fell against the powerful Normal-type Gym Leader.

The reason why Whitney is so strong is because her Miltank is a defensive beast with the ability to heal itself with Milk Drink. As soon as the battle starts, it can use Attract to weaken male Pokemon, potentially preventing them from attacking, and then use a STAB-boosted Stomp to deal lots of damage and possibly cause the Pokemon to flinch. The deadliest move it possesses is Rollout, which is a Rock-type move that increases its damage each turn, bringing down many a Pokemon trainer.

This killer combination of moves and a wall of defensive stats makes Whitney one of the most feared trainers in the series. The climactic battle with Red might involve stronger Pokemon, but the player has had more time to grind and find a diverse team. Whitney is the third Gym Leader in the game, in a generation where the mix of different kinds of Pokemon in the wild was low.

As time went on, players realized that there were tools for defeating Whitney, such as catching a female Gastly (which is immune to Attract and Stomp), a Machop (for an incredible damage bonus), or using the in-game trade for an Onix (which can defend against Rollout). Kids generally weren’t aware of these options, so they threw their starter Pokemon at Whitney until they achieved a victory.

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Whitney might have been punishingly difficult at times, especially for youngsters, but that also makes her one of the most memorable trainers in the series. So many of the Gym Leaders in Pokemon are forgettable because their teams are extremely weak, while Whitney lives on forever in the minds of those that managed to overcome her and that Miltank.