Where to Watch Pokemon TCG’s Path To The Peak Episode One

The Pokemon TCG is celebrated as an animated TV series in Path to the Peak – and fans can watch episode one right now.

Out of all the announcements during the Pokemon Presents, probably one of the most wholesome was Pokemon TCG’s Path To The Peak. With iconic animation and a simple story, the animated series is perfect for Pokemon fans of any age. While it may be targeted towards the younger audience, it looks to be shaping up as a great way for younger fans to get into the card games. The story seems to focus on not only how to play the Pokemon Trading Card Game, but about Ava and her story of adjusting to a new life and what it means to have a fresh start.

With an assortment of animated series making their way out of the Pokemon franchise, it’s no surprise that we get one geared toward the younger demographic. Up until this point, with the resurgence of the anime as well as the Hisuian Snow episodes, there’s much to be had in the way of good animation of your favorite Pokemon. Path To The Peak is no different, having a similar release scheme to the other animations we’ve seen in the last few years.

Where To Watch Path To The Peak’s First Episode

Currently, the only episode available from Path To The Peak is the first one. But with it, you get a solid ten minutes of great animation, and a charming beginning to a story centered around the Trading Card Game rather than the traditional formula. It seems the story is designed for a younger Pokemon fan audience, but doesn’t seem to be all that exclusive. The story follows Ava after a recent move and their adventure with the TCG club that’s at the new school. The animation is quite fluid and simple, but very beautiful and iconic. Even if you aren’t the exact target demographic, watching even just the first episode that Pokemon has posted is a delightful time.

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If you want to watch the newest episode yourself, you can find it on the official Pokemon YouTube channel, where they’ve uploaded it in full. Like many of the other animated series that have come before this one, this release will likely all be on YouTube. There is more than just this first episode planned, so if you find that you like the series, check in with the Pokemon YouTube channel every so often to see if more have been released.