Pokémon GO to Add Quests and More in New Update

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Niantic announced a new update for Pokémon GO and data miners were quick at work finding what lies beneath the official notes about update 0.91.1.

While the new update to Pokémon GO may not contain a lot of exciting notes, adding just a few new features, it’s what they have hidden that everyone is getting excited about. The official notes for the new update are:

  • Improved the in game News Feature
  • The Pokémon Collection search function now lets Trainers search using “Shiny”
  • Various bug fixes and performance updates.

The features coming are what Trainers like myself are more excited for than anything we’ve seen thus far. The code that data miners were able to uncover is that quest support is in the game, but not yet activated. This means we could see quests very soon or when Niantic decides they want to activate them.

Pokémon GO to Add Quests and More in New Update
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It also looks like Professor Willow will be the one giving out the quests and letting you know when you’ve completed one. There will be three different types of quests coming to Pokémon GO; multi-part, challenge, and story quests.

Story quests are very intriguing due to the fact that they could reward powerful Pokémon by progressing and completing parts of the story. This could be a way to introduce Mythical Pokémon like Mew and Celebi. Remember that back in November 2017, they added the 3D Asset of Celebi.

While quests are a big feature that is coming, two additional Pokémon were found in the code; Castform and Deoxys. We don’t know when they will be added, whether you can battle them in Raids, or if they will be rewarded to catch when you finish a quest.

The news of quests coming is very exciting, and as I stated earlier is one that Trainers including myself have waited for. I’m glad new life is being brought in to Pokémon GO, but they are still missing many features Trainers have been longing for. We can at least cross one of those off of our list and look forward to the ways Pokémon GO can change.