Pokemon Go Bring Pokemon Contests to the Summer Game Fest

Pokemon Go introduces Pokemon Contests as PokeStop Showcases, first appearing at the Summer Game Fest for players to try.

Pokemon Contests are becoming a new feature in Pokemon Go, and these events have debuted at Summer Game Fest. For a limited time, any Pokemon Go player attending the event in or around Los Angeles, California, will have an opportunity to be the first to check these out.

The Pokemon Contests in Pokemon Go will be called PokeStop Showcases, where players can enter their Pokemon to see if they have what it takes to win in a specific category.

PokeStop Showcases Give Players the Chance to Show Off

Image via Niantic

The PokeStop Showcases will act as the mobile game’s unique twist to the traditional Pokemon Contests in the main games. When a player enters a PokeStop Showcase, a specific category will be highlighted, detailing the unique feature a Pokemon has to win. For example, the first PokeStop Showcase requires players to show off the biggest Pokemon they captured. We don’t know if the Pokemon’s weight or height determines the winner of this category.

Right now, we have minimal details on when the PokeStop Showcases will make it to every player in Pokemon Go and how often they will occur. However, many months ago, the PokeStop Showcases were initially data mined by the datamining group, the Pokeminers. The team shared these findings and discovered that these would heavily lean into the more flavored text Niantic has been adding to Pokemon description pages for the past few months, such as height, weight, and extreme sizes.

In addition to the PokeStop Showcase news, the team at Niantic has also hinted at the arrival of a future update for Pokemon Go players to explore the world. Many believe this will be the upcoming announcement of Pokemon Go Routes finally being added to the game, which has been heavily data mined for the past few months. Players can create and customize routes from the Pokemon Go application.

There has been no date given by the Niantic team when we can expect to hear more details about these upcoming Pokemon Go features, but we hope to hear more concrete information before June 2023 is over.