Pokémon GO Community Day For October

Pokemon GO

Pokémon Community Day for September has come and gone. Trainers all over the world celebrated by catching the Grass-type Chikorita with three times catch XP, three-hour lures, and the shiny variant. If you evolved your Chikorita to Meganium during the event, you were able to get the special move Frenzy Plant.

The Pokémon GO Community Day for October is a huge steel. Starting October 21, you will be able to catch the Steel and Psychic-type Pokémon Beldum along with its Shiny Variant as well.

The additional bonuses that will take place during this Pokémon Community Day are of course three-hour Lures, and eggs hatching four times faster. This is a great time to use Super Incubators!

Pokémon GO Community Day For October
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The Shiny Variant of Beldum will also be seen during the event as well and will be easily identified due to its silver color. Evolving Beldum to Metang, and finally Metagross will result in the same silver color with gold on its body as well.

Metagross will know a move that it usually doesn’t know during this Pokémon GO Community Event as well, but that has not been released yet. Once it is known, we will be sure to update this as soon as it is announced. This Pokémon GO Community Event will be positively amazing! To find out what time it starts in your area, head over to the Pokémon GO Event page.