Pokémon GO Community Day For September

Pokemon Go Update 169

Pokémon GO Community Day for August has come and gone. Trainers all over the world celebrated by catching the Normal Type Eevee with three times stardust, three-hour lures, and the shiny variants of Eeveelutions. If you evolved your Eevee to any of the five Eeveelutions during the event, you were able to get the special move Last Resort.

Pokémon GO Community Day For September
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The Pokémon GO Community Day for September is a grassy good time. Starting September 22, you will be able to catch the Grass-type Pokémon Chikorita along with its Shiny Variant as well.

The additional bonuses that will take place during this Pokémon GO Community Day are of course three-hour Lures and three times catch experience. This is a great time to use any Lucky Egg to gain even more experience.

The Shiny Variant of Chikorita will also be seen during the event and can be easily identified by its pea green color. Evolve Chikorita into Bayleef for a much lighter brown one, and finally into the yellow-green Meganium.

Meganium will know a move that it usually doesn’t do during this Pokémon GO Community Event as well, but that has not been released yet. Once it is known, we will be sure to update this as soon as it is announced. This Pokémon GO Community Event will leaf (not a typo) you remembering how fun past Pokémon GO Community Days were. To find out what time it starts in your area, head over to the Pokémon GO Event page.