Pokemon Go Datamining Group Shutting Down After Two Years

The Pokeminers data mining team take a step back from Pokemon Go, no longer enjoys the direction Niantic is taking the mobile game.

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Image via Niantic

The Pokemon Go community has had its ups and downs over the past few years, but there have been notably more downs lately. Developer Niantic has removed many beneficial changes as the restrictions, and for many, it has seriously impacted playability. As a result, the recent changes have been wearing on players, and the data mining group, PokeMiners, has not been enjoying it.

The group announced it is going to be taking a dramatic step backward in their continued coverage of the game. The announcement was made on the official website, where the group penned a letter to the community, sharing what they would continue to cover in their “soft” shutdown.

PokeMiners Step Back from Pokemon Go with Soft Shutdown

The announcement was made by the PokeMiners group late last week on the team’s website and their Twitter page. The statement was made after the team shared that there have been additional changes to Pokemon Go’s obfuscation.

For those who have been monitoring the team since it began, many may have noticed that the PokeMiners group has already been pulling away from the game since December 2022, when it was announced it would be taking a step back from coverage, providing fewer graphics, and going into fewer details about what was happening behind the scenes.

This follows after Niantic’s remote raid pass changes announcement from several weeks ago and the official game director statement about the #HearUsNiantic movement. These details have been building up and chipping away at not only the PokeMiners team, but the Pokemon Go community itself, with many being demotivated to play the game as much as they had during the height of COVID-19.

PokeMiners did share that it will continue to report on things it can easily share with the Pokemon Go community and continue running tools, but there won’t be fixes if they stop working with the game or any associated locations. It is a tough blow for the community, as more and more player seem to continue pulling away from the mobile app.