Pokémon Go’s Remote Raid Pass Changes Take Effect Without Addressing the Community’s Pleas

The Remote Raid Pass changes have arrived while the community bellows with frustration and are met with silence.


Pokémon Go players have been sharing and posting Twitter posts the past several days in an attempt to reach out to the mobile game developer’s developer Niantic to address the Remote Raid Pass changes. Many throughout the community have posted they have been against the upcoming changes and have been trying several methods to get the developers to listen.

Today is the day that the changes take effect, where Remote Raid Passes have gone up in cost, and players are limited to only using five each day. It’s been a week since Niantic made this formal announcement, and they have neglected to address the Pokémon Go community throughout this ordeal.

Pokémon Go Players Bemoan the Changes as they continue to feel ignored by Niantic

The announcement was made last Thursday, and the Remote Raid Pass changes have finally gone into effect. Multiple prominent members in the Pokémon Go community have shared on social media the images of this effect, sharing what it feels like to see these changes, and still, Niantic has yet to offer an official response or to show its been listening.

The Twitter account for PvPoke, a team-building website for players to test teams for PvP battles, shared their thoughts on seeing the effects go live. The post reads, “Won’t be mincing words. If you’re a lone player or part of an online community, the message NianticLabs has shipped is that you’re an acceptable casualty for their vision. How you reevaluate your relationship with the game accordingly is up to you. Good luck.”

Many within the Pokémon Go community continue to share their thoughts on these changes using the #HearUsNiantic on Twitter. For players who love to play the game, it’s been an unfortunate past few days, especially as players share and retweet heartfelt letters and thoughts about how these changes will affect their time playing the game.

The Pokémon Go Twitter page seems keen on pushing ahead with its typical content track, offering no sign of looking at these responses. Yesterday the page posted about the next upcoming event, A Mystic Hero, and the comments were full of players asking for Niantic to listen or pay attention to what’s happening. The closest response was the Play! Pokémon account shared that it would look into these ongoing issues.

We had hoped that Niantic might offer a formal response as the changes went live, but that doesn’t appear to be the case as the Remote Raid Passes increase in price. Pokémon Go players will be trying to determine if they want to continue playing the game moving forward or if they’ll be dropping it for something else.