Pokémon Go Fans Roast Niantic For Using Multiple Accounts in Ad

Niantic kinda messed up with this one.

Pokémon Go fans are roasting Niantic and with good reason. Pokémon Go is not any stranger to catching some backlash, especially given some of its recent moves. However, the fanbase is still going relatively strong and they want to save it.

This week, Niantic made a post on social media advertising the game and the ad’s content has created a big discussion. The Pokémon Company is generally very against cheating. Whether that be not using hacked Pokémon or something else shady that breaks the rules. This also applies to Pokémon Go, but the recent ad from Niantic seems to contradict that.

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Players of Pokemon Go Want Niantic Banned

Niantic posted a video advertisement of Pokémon Go that displayed two accounts on the same phone screen. This post was uploaded to Twitter from the official Niantic account. After being up for around 30 minutes, the company took it down. Having Pokémon Go downloaded on more than one of your devices, such as an iPad or phone, could be okay, but using multiple Pokémon Go accounts on one single device is a no-go. In fact, it will lead to the account being banned. Having more than one Pokémon Go account is already iffy and using other accounts on different devices to benefit another is also not cool.

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It is more than shocking to see something considered worth being banned over coming from Niantic. Fans are even now saying that the company should be banned from Pokémon Go altogether. With The Pokémon Company being anti-cheat, seeing this is beyond odd. Is it unclear exactly what they were doing in this ad and why it was released without noticing how poorly it would go over.

It is best to always remain very careful and safe while being Pokémon Go, no matter what this advertisement that seems to have been accidentally released might show. It’s unlikely we’ll hear anything from Niantic about the ad, but it’s just yet another example of the company being a bit out of touch with its fans.