Pokemon Go Player Loses Master Ball Following Horrible Mistake

Pokemon Go player gets tricked into using their Masterball at the worst possible time and receives disappointing Pokemon.

Pokemon Go Daily Adventure Incense Paras

Image via Niantic

The Pokemon Go Master Ball has caused much discussion among players since its release due to its rarity. This Poke Ball was introduced to the mobile game in late May, and many were eager to see the rare ball debut – especially because it ensures a catch on a desired encounter.

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The Pokemon Go Master Ball is claimable through the Let’s Go Special Research in the Season 10: Rising Heroes after completing every all tasks. Currently, this is the only way to obtain a Master Ball, and players only receive a single ball. This has caused many players anxiety, as they don’t want to use their only Master Ball by accident – and the fears have been backed by several unfortunate stories from Pokemon Go fans.

Pokemon Go Fan Suffers Major Master Ball Fail

As shared by Savino_JundGuy on Twitter, while playing Pokemon Go an unfortunate trainer used an Daily Adventure Incense that spawned an illusive Galarian Articuno. The trainer used their single Master Ball in an attempt to catch the Legendary, only to realize at the last moment they had actually stumbled across a Zorua in disguise.

Unfortunately, this situation hasn’t been uncommon, as Zorua takes the form of a player’s buddy Pokemon. While it’s easy to spot an imposter Zorua out in the wild, as rare encounters like Galarian Articuno can only spawn using the Daily Adventure Incense, the mistake while the incense is activated is truly heartbreaking.

Fans in the comments bemoaned the Master Ball fail, with one stating “the pain is very real”. Unfortunately, stories like these only add to the fears many Pokemon Go players are struggling with when it comes to tossing their Master Ball out in the critical moments of an encounter. Hopefully, new ways to obtain the coveted item will be made available soon, easing the anxiety of actually trying to use it.