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Pokémon Go’s next season, Rising Heroes, introduces Regieleki and Regidrago, more Elite Raids, Double Iron Bash, teases Kleavor, and much more

Heroes have arrived to Pokémon Go.

The next season of Pokémon Go arrives tomorrow, and the details have dropped right before it becomes available to players. Teased by Niantic, Pokémon Go’s next season will be Rising Heros, and it’s set to introduce a seasonal Ticketed Timed Research for players to acquire a Melmetal that knows Double Iron Bash and a new costume inspired by Professor Willow’s recent wardrobe change. On top of this, Reieleki and Regidrago are set to make their debut alongside new Elite Raids, with the first set to drop in mid-March.

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The two latest Regi-family Pokémon, Regieleki and Regidrago, are set to debut in five-star raids. Players will need to work together to take them down, adding these exclusive Pokémon to their collection. Regieleki is the Electric-type, and Regidrago is the Dragon-type, and they are likely to shake things up, but we won’t know their stats until closer to the release.

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The Season 10 Ticketed Timed Research is called Willow’s Wardrobe, and players must complete it before June 1, when Rising Heroes ends. Players who make their way through the ticket can earn Willow’s new outfit and a Melmetal that knows Double Iron Bash. It’s important to note that other Melmetal will be able to learn this exclusive move if players use an Elite Charged TM, but Niantic has not shared when this will happen, so it could be much later than the end of the season.

Finally, more Elite Raids are on the way to Pokémon Go. Some fans will likely be hesitant about this, as the first Elite Raids were not the best and had a handful of bugs that caused multiple issues. However, those who participated in them acquired powerful Pokémon and rewards, making them worthwhile for players who can manifest teams strong enough to take them on.

The teaser video posted by the Pokémon Go Twitter shows several trees being chopped down, potentially teasing that Kleavor could arrive this season. This information was datamined several weeks ago, alongside Regilekei and Regidrago.

On top of everything, the regular Pokémon spawning in the Cities, Forests, Mountains, Beaches, and Water biomes in Pokémon will have unique Pokémon appearing throughout the Rising Heroes season. It is set to end on June 1, with multiple more surprises and announcements on the way for players.

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