Pokemon Go Player Warns Trainers Against Purchasing “Storage Deal” From Niantic Web Store

Pokemon Go player warns others about purchasing the bag upgrade through Niantic website as it costs less to use an alternative.


Image via Niantic

Pokemon Go has multiple different items for sale in its in-game shop, offering trainers more PokeBalls, more coins, and more storage for their backpacks. The backpack is often an item players covet as it expands their storage, but each expansion is pretty pricey.

In addition to the in-game store, Niantic recently launched its own web store where players can purchase exclusive bundles from their web browser. However, a recent web store “deal” has players confused as a bundle of storage expansions is more expensive than buying them all individually.

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Pokemon Go Sells Coins for Cheaper Than Storage Expansion

Spotted by Reddit user UncleObamasBanana, players can go to Niantic’s website and purchase a bag upgrade for $9.99, which grants +250 slots of storage. However, buying the PokeCoins bundle of 1300 coins for $9.99 can then be spent in the Pokemon Go app on individual bag upgrades.

These are priced at 200 Pokemon Coins for +50 slots of space. Meaning if a player spends 1000 PokeCoins on five upgrades, they will come out to 250 slots of storage with 300 PokeCoins left over.

This player on Reddit is warning trainers that are wanting to buy upgraded storage for their bags to do it by buying the coin bundle instead of the upgrade itself since it will leave players with a bit more for their money.

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One player asked if buying the bag expansion adds 250 slots to an already maxed-out bag. However, it was confirmed that it doesn’t. So, while it may look like you’re getting a deal, you’re actually robbing yourself of 300 additional Pokecoins.